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The works of Rémi Maillard, lacquer artist decorator

The works of Rémi Maillard, lacquer artist decorator
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An oustanding career

Lacquer, traveler, one of the last great master of the lacquer, SEMA 1996 Regional Award, spiritual son of Bernard Dunand, this is in 1991, during an exhibition in UNESCO that Rémi Maillard asserts himself as a lacquer artist.

China’s lacquer specialist, Rémi Maillard is now in the great national shows, and to this day, some of his works, by their size and the techniques he used, constitute true references in the field of lacquer.

The genesis of a vocation

Successively Franciscan monk, silk painter, fashion designer for some of the greatest haute couture firms (Ted LAPIDUS, Castel BAJAC, Poppy MORENI, FATH, DIOR), he registers his own label « Claude Rémy – Paris ».

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator

In 1982, Rémi Maillard approaches the lacquer via a friend, Paulette BONIZEC. This is a revelation. He accomplishes a long training, punctuated with travels in Far East Asia, with courses in the Paris Chinese workshops, with studies of the main techniques, and in parallel with the scrupulous analysis of old documents, and not to forget the regularly visits to museums. It gave him the opportunity to comprehend the old production.

In UNESCO, Paris, March 1991, the exhibition of about twenty of his exceptional works allows him to assert himself as a lacquer artist. He gleans awards and honors.

Passionate, Rémi Maillard follows a course of painter-decorator. He has been put in charge of the making of 9 big canvasses of four meters high for the Circus museum.

He participates to the set of the movie “VATEL, the king’s chef” (Best Set César Award 2001), and many decors have been ordered from him.

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator, et Bernard DUNAND

His meeting with Bernard Dunand, son of the greatest master of Art Deco…

This is during an important personal exhibition in the Center Michel SIMON in Noisy-le-Grand, April 1994, that Rémi MAILLARD meets Bernard DUNAND, a lacquer artist and son of the most famous Lacquer master of the Art Deco Jean DUNAND. Rémi MAILLARD is known as a current artist.

«...  being in my hands a range of so many possibilities of the lacquer, used with an enthusiasm of conviction…»

Frontière (Borders) - Rémi MAILLARD, , lacquer artist decorator

The exhibitions follow one another, constantly pushing the boundaries of his art, as with Frontières (Borders), a lacquer fresco of 3,60 m x 3,20 m in Coromandel carving, leaf gilded, introduced in Limoges before Mrs KUNIKO Yoshida, Culture representative of the Japanese Embassy, or the making of prestigious art items for Monsieur the Architect, curator of Grimaldi Palace in Monaco, and the design of trophies for the Ferrari Group, among other things…

Among his exhibitions, there are the one done in the Orangerie du Sénat in Paris in August 2010, and in the Château d'Eau / Château d'Art in Bourges in September 2011.

The “Prometheus” Gallery

This is in the heart of Sologne, in Nançay village, that Rémi MAILLARD settles down – A region he is particularly fond of.

He opens a fashionable shop, called « ART’S & DECO » with an adjoining demo workshop – the whole thing reaching to the “Prometheus” Gallery. There, he exhibits his own works of course, but also the ones of other artists, helping them in their progress.

ART’S & DECO's Shop

Rémi MAILLARD continues his diversified activity of lacquer and suggests to his clients a various range of all the items to decorate the house, allowing everybody the choice and the possibility to customize his or her home place.

Rémi MAILLARD, a secret man, doesn’t speak much of his workings, nor of his work in the estates of the area – being discreet and quiet is the rule. We only know that prestigious works has been ordered from him, very specific to his technique: decors, leaf gilding, restoration, painting furniture, sheens, trompe l’oeil, and so on.

Light Seeker

"Conscious of his trajectory on earth, once man has started to think, he already measures his fragility, in the space and in the universe that surround him."

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator - Workshop

My childhood and my youth, in the countryside, were lonely. I’m still particularly fond of this loneliness…

It was for me the ideal field to build-up my most intimate being.

"I only had the trees to talk to; the wind as a friend."

This loneliness, while developing my sensibility, would force me to interiorize and to live closer to nature. I paid attention and was curious of knowing everything, of its mysteries and secrets. I understood that nature was geometrically perfect and built according to rules and balance, that everything was written, visible, to anybody who wants to search and live in harmony.

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator - Workshop

From my parents, I only keep the essential; the quiet courage of my mother, her will, her perseverance to never complain and to carry on; my father strengthened the certainty that, to succeed, one has to wake up early and often has to question himself, nothing can be taken for granted.

"Nothing beautiful, nothing great without suffering"

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator - Lacquer detail

In the renouncement, in the letting go, the light is given to us by the sacrifice, letting time takes its course.

By working the lacquer, I found the initiatory path, the master being the material.

In the silence of the workshop, day after day I polish my nature; my thoughts are structured, are controlled, are built into high standards; the work of lacquer, as a yoga, deeply refines my soul, my reflections, my philosophical, metaphysical researches; my spiritual path is molded.

Teaching of humility, teaching of life where every attention, with perseverance, allows me to grow, to control myself, to surpass myself, and to send it back, to sincerely offer it, through my works and my life, fruits of my doubts and my tears.

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator - Lacquer detail

When one enters into the sensible world, more one progresses, more one is receptive, and more one feels and more the words are superfluous; this is the field of intuitive inner feeling, so subtle that only the creative energy can sublimate; to dare approach it; an inner exhilaration flood into me, a time of euphoria which has to be controlled, the energy being so intoxicating.

Conscious of these moments that the artist receives the inspiration, that as if he was guided, that someone was dictating him the path to follow, with images, colors and sounds, as if the work would need to come into being, to materialize itself; the artist helping it to come from the material.

Rémi MAILLARD, lacquer artist decorator - Lacquer detail

The artist being the mediator only, between two plans, visible and unvisible.

An exhibition is always for me a challenge to take up, approaching itself in the most accurate way to the place, its architecture, in harmony with its energy, its vibrations, laboratory of research and improvement, genesis of a new day.

Like the svastika always evolving, nothing is invented, it's all about transformation.

Rémi Maillard, 5 Route de Vierzon 18330 Nançay, France - Tel: +33 (0)2 54 49 80 87 / +33 (0)2 48 51 89 37 - Email:
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